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Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre offers a community of care, where young people, their parents, peer counsellors and specially trained staff work together. AARC treatment is a long-term, semi-residential program based on the 12 steps model, leading to total abstinence. Above all, AARC is for families — families united against addiction.


I’m worried about my child’s physical and mental health

Substance abuse and addiction are a growing problem, especially amongst young people. In 2012, 60% of illicit drug users in Canada were aged 15-24 (CCSA). If you worry that your child’s physical and mental health issues may be tied to drug or alcohol use, you’re not alone. Work through our Checklist to spot signs of addiction.

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My teen is in trouble because of substance abuse

If you have been struggling to help your family member to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, don’t give up. When all else fails, AARC can help. Our program is based on the highly effective 12 Steps, leading to lifelong abstinence. Treatment is semi-residential and requires family support 24/7. Contact AARC to set up a pre-assessment to see if our treatment program will work for you.


We’re in a desperate situation — we need urgent advice about treatment

Addiction services are often required following or during a period of crisis. While AARC’s intake process is comprehensive, we are committed to supporting desperate youth and families as soon as possible. If your child’s drug and/or alcohol use has presented an emergency situation, please contact emergency services immediately to ensure the safety of your family. Once the situation has reached a brief period of stabilization, contact us and we will begin the assessment process right away. We are here to help.

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