Independent board of directors

AARC has a volunteer Board of Directors which meets each quarter of the year. Every three years the board attends a retreat outside the normal schedule of board meetings to ensure the review of policies, procedures, strategic planning, and other pertinent matters.

AARC’s strategic initiatives are reported on at every board meeting. Special meetings may be convened to address matters that require more time than is available in a regular board meeting, including expansion plans, risk management, and organizational development. Current employees may not serve on the Board of Directors, with the exception of the Executive Director. Persons who are related to an employee may serve, on the conditions that they will disclose that relationship and will not participate in any discussions, decisions or votes on matters relating to that employee. The current board based on predetermined qualifications selects new board members. In that regard, current or former clients or their family members are eligible to serve, as are former employees and their families. All applicants for board membership are accountable to AARC’s policies and procedures. Governing board members are not allowed to accept honorariums except in instances where it is specifically permitted by board bylaws. For example, board members may be remunerated for services provided outside of their board roles, assuming there is no conflict of interest. In most instances, staff who are paid honoraria for participating in events during regular working hours will be required to contribute to contribute the honorarium to the charity.

The Future of AARC

As Alberta recovers from its three year economic recession, a group of AARC stakeholders including senior management, the board of directors, donors, alumni parents and graduates spent two days developing a new Strategic Plan for AARC. Click here to read more.