Retrospective Outcome Study 2019

In 2015, AARC was awarded a three-year, $300,000 grant by an anonymous donor which allowed independent researchers to work with AARC to conduct retrospective interviews with a sample of program participants and assess the impact of attending AARC on standard measures of drug abstinence, psychosocial and academic functioning and health.  Research studies highlight the need for comprehensive care – to take into account family factors, the unique developmental needs of adolescents, as well as understand the social contact and other features of the adolescent’s environment in order to effectively manage the program.
The Principal Investigator on the evaluation was Dr. Amelia M. Arria, Ph.D, University of Maryland and the Co-Principal Investigator was Dr. Ken C. Winters, Ph.D., University of Minnesota.
The study found that:

- 80.5% of clients who entered treatment at AARC completed the program
- 73% of AARC graduates remained abstinent from drugs & alcohol 12 months after graduation
- 59% of AARC graduates remained abstinent from drugs & alcohol 24 months after graduation
- 15% of the study participants had completed high school prior to treatment, but 73% went on to high school after AARC
- 48% completed at least some post-secondary education after treatment at AARC, 69% were employed, and 47% were in a serious relationship or married

AARC is extremely proud of these results, as it showcases our treatment program’s ability to effectively treat addicted youth.
Please CLICK HERE to read the full study.

Please CLICK HERE to read "Outcome evaluation of a 12 step long term recovery program for adolescent addiction", a study that was carried out at AARC in 2004, by Michael Patton, Gerald V. Goresky, F Dean Vause, Peter Choate, and Natalie Lirenman.