4Boys Fund Grant

Mission Statement:

“To provide financial support to any AARC graduate requiring additional funding for specialized addiction and/or mental health treatment. Further, to provide funding for grief counselling for the immediate family of the AARC graduate as necessary.”

The 4Boys Fund Parent Group is truly blessed to be stewards of a vision originally created by Tim Leskun and Dr. Sandra Fenton and forever remembered in the beautiful benches crafted so meticulously by Ron Lepard and Jeff Ogilvie for Peter Brodie, AARC graduate #335, Ben Cory, AARC graduate #433, Jeremy McKenzie, AARC graduate #540, and Kevin Spiegelmann, AARC graduate #536. In addition, Tim and Sandra were also able to start a fund, originally called the AARC Angels Foundation to support philanthropy in the community. Since inception, we have successfully grown this fund, now named the 4Boys Fund, to be in a position to pay-forward their original vision and financially support AARC graduates and their immediate families in addiction, mental health and grief counseling services. For those of you that have already contributed to the Fund, we thank you for your generosity. We know our sons would be so proud to give back in this way.

We are committed to continue working collaboratively with AARC, AARC Board and AARC Alumni to further fundraising and visionary endeavours for the benefit of each group. Graduates and/or their immediate families are asked to complete the attached 4Boys Fund Grant Application Form to seek approval of funds.

Click Here to download the application form. Completed applications or inquiries may be sent to 4boysfund@aarc.ab.ca

Bench Photo