Clinical Director, Janine Copeland Leaving AARC

Janine Copeland

It is with mixed emotion we announce that on Thursday, July 28, 2016 our Clinical Director, Janine Copeland, will be leaving AARC. Janine joined our Clinical team two years ago and her contributions during that time have greatly benefited our organization. Janine’s positive impact on the young men and women, as well as their families, will undeniably be missed by many. On behalf of the AARC staff, we congratulate Janine on her new position as Program Director for Recovery Acres – Calgary Addiction and Recovery Center‘s new Co-occurring Addiction Recovery Essentials (CARE) women’s outpatient treatment program. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Below are Janine’s parting words:

“I am so appreciative for these last two years at AARC. It sounds cliché to say that every person here has made an impression on me, but it’s true. Watching clients come into treatment, desperate and devastated, and seeing them transform their lives, inspires me to no end. Witnessing families put themselves back together, and fight for something better, is an incredible gift. Every day that I walked into this building, I got to see the determination and resilience of these young people as they fought the odds to get better from a horrendous illness. I will miss them. And I will miss the staff as well. It’s equally inspiring to work with such an incredible team of peer counsellors and clinical staff. The lengths that you guys are willing to go to carry a message of hope is amazing. I’ve loved watching each and every one of you grow in your self-confidence and professionalism. I wish all of you – clients, family members, staff – all the best on your journeys. I look forward to when our paths cross again.”

Over the past month, Janine has been mentoring an associate to take her place. We look forward to announcing our new Clinical Director this Fall.