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Notes from the front line of addiction

With the complexities and issues that our children, youth, and families face today, it is not unusual that substance and chemical abuse and dependence seem to offer relief, escape, and strategies to avoid rather than face the demands and stressors of life.

But, as the dependency upon alcohol and drugs grows within any given individual, the ability to navigate a normal life decreases dramatically. The addicted youth becomes increasingly fixated on their drug of choice, which impedes the development of healthy coping mechanisms and social development. As the youth’s substance use progresses in the direction of dependence, family members become increasingly fixated with helping their addicted child. In some cases, the user and the family find normalcy in the situation and generate their own coping strategies through co-dependency, while other families engage in minimizing, deflecting, or worse, ignoring the impact of drugs and alcohol.

Generally speaking, traditional styles of addictions treatment focus on the addict identifying that the issue remains with the addicted individual placing the responsibility of recovery on that person alone. This is not so at AARC. AARC is passionately committed to the recognition that addiction is a family-based disease and a comprehensive treatment program centered on the full involvement of the entire family system.

Our clinical success and continued comprehensive research into addiction confirms the effectiveness of our treatment modality and its basis in the 12-Step philosophy and disease model of addiction, which is integrated through established and known treatment models, theories, and therapy.

AARC endeavors to provide excellence in services to the youth and families entrusted to our care and to inform our community about our services. We have more recently received requests for information regarding policy, procedure, practices, and adherence to regulations and those standards applicable to treatment organizations.

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Yours truly,
Dean Vause, PhD, Executive Director